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Chana’s is a family owned company with the main business activity of providing quality dining experience and catering services. Taking into deliberation the country’s demand for North Indian cuisine, serving the most authentic North Indian cuisine in the island has been the main competitive advantage for Chana’s since its inception

Our Core Values

We take pride in our core values that form the basic foundation of our business and are the main components of our corporate culture. They serve as the fundamental beliefs that we can turn to when making decisions. These values have a long tradition of Chana’s, and are a part of our organization, our products, our services and our way of working together as well as with others. Our goal is to maintain a leading position in these areas continuously.


We value and respect everyone who comes through our doors, be they our guests or our staff. We consider their experience and well-being our highest priority.


Our professional duty is represented through our commitment and consistency in meeting our obligations to provide effective products and services to our clients, to serve our profession, and to positively influence the community we live and work with.

Excellence in Hospitality

We are committed to bringing the highest levels of energy, Knowledge and enthusiasm to the job every day. We strive to reflect the best traditions of Sri Lankan Hospitality, treating our patrons with grace and courtesy as honoured guests in our home.


Quality is the main underlying trait of the Sri Lankan hospitality industry, that is embedded in all aspects of our workforce and quality of our people combined with the excellence of our operations lead to distinctive, commendable results for our customers. Quality is achieved through our professionalism, teamwork, leadership, responsibility and accountability.


We are responsible for advancing Sri Lankan hospitality industry’s positive goals and aspirations, in being aware and careful of the decisions we make, in accepting accountability for our actions that impact everyone around us, in working through difficulty and in making sure we are always reliable where others can depend on us in everything we do.

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